I wasn’t a fan of going to weddings. I was a complete introvert and always envied those guys who could tear up the dance floor or give the perfect toast. Like my sister’s boyfriend, Todd. Yeah, his name was Todd . . . typical . . . he was a former jock who now worked in stocks. Like I said, typical. Everybody loved him and I wanted nothing more than to be like him with his perfect suits, confidence and killer looks. Even now, standing in front of a room full of people, giving the toast as the best man . . . he was completely cool. 

Then, something happened. The world went dark for a split second and I suddenly found myself standing in a different place. I was now at the front of the room, glass raised as everybody toasted. I tried to act normal, taking a sip of champagne before quickly moving to the bathroom to find Todd’s reflection staring back at me. HOLY SHIT! I was Todd. Dark hair. Perfect smile. I could feel the confidence, Todd’s memories seeping into my mind as I realized that I WAS NOW TODD.

I felt my new dick get hard at the thought as I smiled at myself in the mirror. Why not see what old Todd, or me, was packing down there. I unzipped my suit pants and slid my hand in, pulling out my beautifully perfect cock. Of course it was. It was Todd’s dick. It HAD to be perfect. I started jacking off, staring at myself in the mirror, my dick jutting out from the dark suit when . . .

MY SISTER WALKED IN. At first, I started to cover myself, but then I realized . . . I was Todd and this wasn’t anything she hadn’t seen before. I knew my sister and Todd had been fucking for a while, but I never knew how talented she was as she got on her knees and started working my dick like a pro. DAMN, being Todd was going to be everything I ever imagined. I couldn’t wait to hit the dance floor, but maybe I’d take my girlfriend for a ride on my massive cock first. I loved to make her squeal.

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