Alan was one of the most self-absorbed people I’d ever met. He spent his days giving orders to others and giving little thought to how it effected their lives, and he loved belittling those beneath him. He was a privileged prick and, even though I tried to stay out of the lives of humans, it was hard to pass up the opportunity to makes a few changes. It was in my Jin nature to mix things up a bit and I felt Alan needed a little shake up in his life. I’d make sure he enjoyed it.

He was the last person at his firm, sitting in his chair staring out at the city. He was flawless. Perfect shirt and tie, gym body and hair that was never out of place. I could understand his cocky attitude. He was a gorgeous specimen. I even toyed with the idea of playing with him a bit first, but then he saw me standing there, opened his mouth and ruined everything.

“Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my office?” He leaned over to a speaker and pressed a button. “Security!”

I waved my hand and his eyes went blank for a moment as he awaited my command.

“Tell them everything’s fine,” I said, stepping closer.

Alan pressed the button again. “My mistake. Everything is fine.” He released the button and I motioned for him to stand. He complied.

“I’ve been watching you, Alan,” I said taking in his perfect body. His ass was glorious in the tight dress pants. I leaned in, pressed my hand against his crotch to feel his dick beneath expensive fabric. “And you’re not a good person. The way you treat others. I can’t help but wonder how you’d enjoy serving others for a bit. What would it feel like to not be in charge all the time? To not have all this power?”

I waved my hands again and his clothes disappeared, revealing his muscular frame. Damn, he was perfect. Tan, hairless. Beautiful nipples. This was going to be fun.

I motioned for him to step back until he was pressed against the wall. He moved his arms up as if he was tied to it and I leaned in, pressed my lips agains his neck. “Do you like this?” I asked, reaching down and cradling his balls in my hand. I teased his dick, but there was no response as I gave him freedom to speak.

“I don’t know what you’re doing,” he said, nervous. “But I’m not gay, and you won’t get away with it.”

“Really?” I asked, smiling. I waved my hand over his dick again. I gently kissed my way down his neck and found my way to his lips. I pushed a new sense of being into him as our tongues mingled and suddenly, his dick grew stiff beneath my touch. I rubbed it, massaging his balls as I kissed him deeper, changing what he enjoyed as he moaned with every touch. “I think you like this very much,” I whispered. “I think you’ve always craved the touch of other men. It’s who you are . . . now.”

Alan licked his lips, his dick now hard and leaking. I smiled down at it. This was always my favorite part. “Now, let’s give you the full package.” I slid my fingers over his body. Slowly, beneath my touch, it began to age, his tan skin growing paler as I watched him slowly age. His blonde hair began to recede, but dark black and grey hair sprouted all over his body. Hew aged a good twenty years, his body becoming thicker as he moaned. I reached down and touched the base of his cock, a silver cock ring forming as he grew even harder, his new dick thicker with a heavy set of balls. I them reached in and teased those perfect nipples. Alan’s entire body shivered as they grew thicker, more used and pulled as if they’d been worked for years. They were now lightning rods, the simplest touch making him quiver with ecstasy.

He looked over at me with darker eyes. The perfect blonde playboy was gone and stood before me now was a balding man in his fifties who was hungry for more, who was hungry to please me.

“How do you feel?” I asked, allowing him to relax. His hands went directly to his nipples as he began spinning them between his new thicker fingers.

“I want . . . I want to please you.” Alan took a deep breath and licked his lips.

“We’re not quite done yet.”

I touched the cock ring and a piece of long, black leather grew from it, climbing over his body into a silver buckled harness. A couple fo tattoos bloomed over his chest and arm as more leather bands wrapped around his wrists and biceps. His nipples grew even more worked as Alan moaned with delight, his cock and balls now strapped tight with the silver and leather.

“Who do you belong to?” I asked.

“You, Master. I belong to you. I serve only you.”

“And what is your name?”

“My name is whatever you call me, Master. I am yours. I am whatever you want me to be.” He took a heavy breath as I leaned in and kissed him. But, I wasn’t yet finished.

I moved my hand to the tip of his cock, a metal piercing taking hold of it as a silver chain moved from it . . . a cock leash that only I could remove. My new toy moaned again as I reached for his nipples and spun them in my fingers. I tugged gently on the chain and Alan’s mind and body were completely mine. No memory of who he was before. No memory of all those he’d used and abused. No memory of anything but pleasing and being pleased by me.

He was going to be the best servant I’d ever created and if he were good, I would allow him to touch himself. I might even allow him to fuck me . . . if he was a good boy that is.

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