Normally, when I transform others I simply move on and let them enjoy their new lives. But, this time, I became a part of the fantasy. I’d transformed myself into Darren Criss. Dean and I were together for New Years. Two handsome, young men in their prime who were madly in love. As we left the New Year’s party I could barely take my eyes off him in his perfectly tailored tux. God, he was so fucking handsome and when he touched me it lit everything inside on fire. 

We drove home and he was all over me as soon as the front door closed. He slid his hands into my coat, moved it down my back. Lower, his fingers teased the edge of my pants. I felt his hand slide into them, move over my ass as he pulled me closer, his eyes never leaving mine. Those flawless eyes. I’d never felt this way before. Maybe I’d gone too far this time. Maybe toying with reality and transforming people was a mistake. He licked his lips, and could barely breathe as his other hand drifted gently behind my neck. He pulled me in and our lips touched, his tongue sliding in to touch mine as they danced momentarily. I could feel his breath against my face as he kissed me harder and I kissed him back. 

He slid my coat off and I did the same. It was a wave of alternating movements. His hand on my ass. His shirt unbuttoning. My suspenders falling to the side. We were both ravenous and soon, he’d unbuttoned my pants and my freshly transformed cock was revealed in all its hard glory. I have to say, it was a beautiful cock. Some of my best work and, as he eyed it, I knew he felt the same. Slowly, he kissed my neck, down to my nipples, lingering there for a moment as he toyed with me, reaching down and lightly teasing my cock with his fingers. It was almost too much to handle. He kissed his way down, over my abs and light treasure trail until he was finally face to face with Darren Criss’s cock … my cock. 

He kissed the tip, thoughtful and loving. He glanced up at me with a smile, moved his hands around my sides and over my ass before easing me closer, my cock sliding into his mouth as if it was always meant to be … perfection. He literally took my breath away, my hands on the back of his head as I pushed into him deeper, the tip of my cock finding the back of his throat as he took it all in. He was loving this as much as I was, and I suddenly wasn’t sure if this was something I wanted to leave … if I’d ever want to move out of this reality.
It wasn’t long before we were in bed, Dean pounding into me with a loving smile as I screamed. I wanted more. I wanted this every day. I wanted 2019 to last forever. Who knew … maybe it would.

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