When he closed his eyes, Sam made a wish to be someone different when he awoke in 2017. He wanted to be desired, taken care of. He wanted to know what it felt like to be loved completely. When he opened his eyes this morning, there was a handsome stranger lying in bed beside him. Looking down at his own body, he found something completely different. Muscles and tight abs. Tattoos across thick pecs and hard nipples.

“Happy New Year, Travis,” the man lying beside him said. Sam turned to find him lying there with a warm, almost familiar smile. The man leaned in and gave Sam (or Travis) a deep, passionate kiss. “How do you feel about getting the new year started right?” He licked his lips and before Travis knew it, he was lying on the floor, legs raised as this man … his husband, Jeffrey … went down on him. It was incredible and slowly all memories of Sam drifted farther away as Jeffrey showed Travis what his new life would involve.

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