Melanie had always lusted after her boyfriend Todd’s dad, Mr. Jacobs. For a long time she fantasized about giving him a serious blow job, wondering if his dick was anything like Todd’s … maybe bigger, better. But, when she woke up Christmas morning in Mr. Jacob’s body, she realized that she wasn’t hot for him. She wanted to be him.      

Standing there, looking at her reflection in the mirror, she felt her new cock swell in her pants and eased her new, strong hand into her pants and felt herself up. She was covered in precum and couldn’t help but smile. Damn she was good looking.     

“I think I’m going to have fun in this body,” she said, the sound of her own masculine voice making her rise even more.

Mr. Jacob’s awoke on Christmas morning in his son, Todd’s, apartment. He was confused, unsure of how he got there and why he was in bed with his son. Todd opened his eyes and smiled, reaching out to touch the side of Mr. Jacob’s face.    

“Morning, baby,” he said, leaning in and kissing his dad hard on the lips as Mr. Jacob’s pulled back.      

“What the hell?” He said, but his voice wasn’t deep anymore. It was high pitched, almost sexy. He recognized it, glancing down at his body. Tits. Small waste. Long brown hair. Holy shit.      

“Come on. It’s Christmas, baby,” Todd said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. “We’ve got all morning to ourselves, and I want to have some fun. Maybe a shower and a little ass play?”     

Todd leaned in and kissed her again. His lips and tongue tasted so good, his hand moving over her abdomen, lower, his fingers easing into her ass. Mr. Jacobs felt confused, his son’s fingers inside his ass as they kissed. Her entire body was on fire. Mr. Jacob’s heard a deep moan escape Melanie’s lips, his lips.      

Todd moved over him, reaching down and guiding his dick inside her. HOLY SHIT! This was happening. His son was fucking him in his girlfriend’s body and Mr. Jacob’s should have been horrified, but he wasn’t. It was amazing, his son’s meaty cock sliding in and out of her as she cried out.      

They moved their way across the room and into the bathroom. They fucked everywhere. On the floor. In the shower. Todd even bent her over in front of the bathroom mirror and took her from behind as Mr. Jacob’s saw his new reflection for the first time. DAMN, this was fucking hot, she thought, snapping a picture of her son hammering her with his cock. 

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