Marcus was in his second year of law school at Harvard, and had been obsessed with making things right in the world since he was a kid. Unfortunately, he’d not been born with the drive or stamina to do what he truly wanted to do … become a police officer. But, when he opened his eyes on Christmas morning, he wasn’t in his own body. He was no longer the stocky black law student with glasses and a 4.0 GPA. He was Officer Brent Mathews.   

Getting ready for work, the last of Officer Mathews memories flooded Marcus’s mind. It was strange being in a different body and being an older white man who was the complete opposite of who Marcus was before. That wasn’t even the strangest part. He loved putting on the tight uniform and badge. He loved the weight of his belt and the way the gun felt in his hand. Mathews was exactly who Marcus dreamed of being when he was a kid, and then he realized that Mathews was as dirty cop. He took bribes under the table and abused his badge … but Marcus would change all that. He’d make Mathews the fucking bad ass cop he should be.     The strangest part of it all was being straight. The thought of dick and riding another man’s ass made him almost sick to his stomach, but the thought of riding his girlfriend made him hard as a rock.      

He was taking her out for Christmas dinner tonight and Mathews was going to propose. He knew she’d say yes and Marcus couldn’t help but smile as he put on his shades and gave his reflection a stern look before snapping a photo. This was who he was now. He was going to turn Mathews life around and show his future wife just how much he loved her when he got off duty tonight. He was going to be the dominant, alpha male he’d always dreamed of being.

Henry had always been a big guy, and it’d never bothered him before. He loved the way it felt, but he’d never had any opportunities in life. He was raised in a trailer park and seemed to be stuck there, the thought of a world beyond his redneck upbringing almost unimaginable. He was going to live and die a lonely, chubby bear with nothing more than an old pickup and shitty factory job.

He went to bed on Christmas Eve, something inside of him imagining what it would be like to just have a chance at a better life … to be somebody he could be proud of. When he woke up on Christmas morning, the paneled walls of his trailer were gone. Henry was in a nice apartment and gazed down to see a different body. He was sitting in a chair, fully dressed in a sportcoat and, was he wearing a tie? And glasses? He felt his dick raging with morning wood in his pants and reached for his crotch, noticing his large hands … his large black hands.     

Holy shit, I’m black! 

He unzipped his pants and released a massive, thick black cock. It was kind of fucking amazing. Henry couldn’t help stroking it for a minute, jerking off a little as memories of Marcus’s life began to flood his mind. He was in law school. He was smart, like really smart and …

He stood, glancing down at his thick stomach and broad chest. He was huge, but not in the way he had been before. He could feel the tight muscle and fat as opposed to the mountain of flab in his old body. He stepped into the bathroom and took in Marcus. A large, handsome black man. His hair perfectly cut with a well-trimmed beard. He ran his fingers over his new, plump lips and smiled. He looked put together and even sexy. Yeah, he was a fucking sexy beast and Henry smiled even bigger when he realized he was still gay.  

The thought of his new black cock pounding into some white ass made him smile. Then he remembered the white twink in one of his classes that had been flirting with Marcus. The guy wanted him bad, but the old Marcus was too shy to step up to the plate and give the little twink what he wanted … until today. There was a whole new Marcus in town and Henry was going to put his new black cock to good use.

Officer Mathews woke up gasping for air and wet with sweat. It was Christmas morning and he had to get to the precinct for his shift. Everything felt fuzzy at first and before he opened his eyes he stretched, scratching his itchy face. That’s when he felt the thick beard. His eyes bolted open. He wasn’t at home, instead surrounded by paneled walls and trash. The place was a mess, empty soda cans and pizza boxes everywhere.  

“What the fuck?” His voice was different, not as deep as it used to be and even sounded a bit faggy with a long southern draw. 

He caught a glimpse of somebody in the corner of his eye, jumped out of bed and turned quickly to take care of whoever it was. That’s when he realized it was his reflection … but it wasn’t him. It was some big, fat, hairy guy with a bulging stomach and saggy man tits. This guy hadn’t worked out a day in his life … he was … Henry Thompkins.

Mathews stared at Henry in the mirror, blinked as pieces of Henry seeped into him. The way he was standing changed and he hunched over a bit more, not as confident and much less dominant. He reached up and touched one of hit tits, twirled a large nipple between his fingers as he thought about Duke.  

Duke? Who the fuck was Duke?

Then he remembered, images of Duke bending Henry over the back of his rusted pickup and pounding Henry’s hairy ass with his massive redneck cock. Mathews closed his eyes, a gentle smile sliding over his face as he squeezed his tit even harder. God Duke was sexy.

Mathews shook his head, stepped away from the mirror and looked up at Henry staring back at him. This was who he was now? Yesterday he was taking bribes on the streets and planning on buying a killer bike and asking Charlotte to marry him and now he was some redneck fag? It disgusted him … for a moment. Then he heard the front door to the trailer open. He heard boots against the cheap tile floor. 

Duke was home, and Henry couldn’t help but smile as his ass clenched, almost as if programmed to do so.

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