Adam stood there, staring at his son’s reflection. He’d gone to bed with his wife, listening to her bitch about Christmas and all the things he had left to do. But, when he woke up Christmas morning he wasn’t in his body anymore. He was in his son’s.    

It was like looking at himself twenty-five years ago. He’d always been an amazing father and husband, but he was tired of his life and wished for a second chance. If he could do it all over again, he’d make different choices. He’d live life to the fullest, take more chances and have A LOT more fun. Maybe that’s what this was … a second chance. He was young and handsome again and couldn’t help but smile at his son’s reflection. He would’ve felt bad if his son wasn’t such a spoiled asshole.      

He snapped a pic with his phone. He’d heard the kids talking about Tinder, and it was time he checked it out. Maybe he’d check Grinder out while he was at it. After all, he was going to take more chances this time around. May as well be open to a little cock every now and then.

Sam stood in the bathroom, staring at his dad’s reflection. He was stunned and couldn’t believe this was really happening. HOW could this be happening? One minute he was in his bed and the next he was standing in his dad’s bathroom with a giant fucking boner. He couldn’t believe his dad was shaved clean and GOD he was so old. FUCK. This was probably his dad’s fault. He was such a prick.     

“Honey, what going on? Did that little blue pill work its magic?” He heard his mom’s voice from the bedroom. Little blue pill? SHIT. Viagra. He was in the middle of a goddamn Viagra hard on. “Honey?”     

He wanted to tell her to go fuck herself, but when he opened his mouth … “I’m at full mast in here, and I’m going to tear into that ass” came out. He heard the words leave his mouth and realized he HAD to act like his dad, do what his dad would do. Then it hit him … he was going to have to fuck his mother. Oh GOD!!! No!!!     

He suddenly found it hard to breathe and his mom showed up in the doorway of the bathroom. Her eyes grew wide when she saw his cock hard and ready.

“Oh my god. I haven’t seen that guy in a long time.” She moved closer, rapped her hand around his cock and knelt down, kissing the tip and running her tongue along his shaft.      

He wanted to scream, but when he opened his mouth … “I want to face fuck you so hard” came out.      

Without a word, she took him in completely and his hands were on the back of her head as he fucked the shit out of his mom’s mouth. It was amazing and horrifying all at the same time as he came and his mom swallowed every ounce. Licking her lips, she stood up and he reached for her tits and toyed with her nipples.      

“How long you think that thing’s good for?” She nodded down at his dick, sliding it gently between her legs.

“Let’s find out.” His body was on autopilot as he spun his mother around and plowed into the back of her. He watched his dad fuck her in the bathroom mirror, watched himself fuck his mom as she made noises he never thought he’d hear come out of his own mother. He kept tearing into her, his cock hard and thick, another load pouring into her as he pulled out, licked his lips and went in to rim her ass, screaming the whole time in his head as he continued to rock his mom’s world … for hours.

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