I finally figured it out, how to swap bodies with people.It’s amazing. The sensation of looking in the mirror and seeing a different reflection staring back at you. The way it feels when you get hard with a completely foreign cock and even the way everything sounds and smells differently. It’s everything I ever imagined it would be and so much more.

I honestly can’t put it in towards, but I spent the day in this guy. His name’s Rick White and I had aREALLY good time in his body. I never knew how easy it was to get your cock sucked by any man or woman at the office when you look like this. I’m an attorney and there are a lot of young, hot paralegals at the firm who are SUPER into Rick when his office door closes.

Oh, and you should see my cock.It’s a thing of beauty. I think I might spend the weekend in Rick’s body. There was a new guy, Alex, who was giving me the once over today and we’re going to work on this big case tomorrow and hit the gym afterwards. 

Yeah, I’m totally going to fuck him … if he’s lucky. Like I said, I’ve dreamed of swapping bodies with people my entire life and this is JUST THE BEGINNING.

I lived in Rick’s body for two days, including a full night of bars and debauchery which concluded with, let’s say a nice male on male on female orgy at my new place. This new body had stamina and I was enjoying every moment, but I was beginning to get curious what it would feel like to swap again, what it would feel like to be in somebody else’s body. 

The next morning, I called Alex from work and told him to meet me at the office. I asked that he wear a suit because we might have to go to dinner with a client and wanted him to be prepared. Of course, it was all bullshit. I just loved the way he looked in a suit and if I was going to move into his body, I wanted to know what it felt like. It sounds crazy, but I think I really get off on FEELING the fabric against my skin and even the tightness of a tie around my neck. Rick was my first swap, but I remember what it was like when I entered his body, feeling that suit hanging off his muscular frame. There was something insanely sexy about it and, being in Rick’s body, I knew he had a thing for Alex. As soon as I leftRick and became Alex, I knew Rick wouldn’t miss his opportunity to fuck Alex …to fuck me in Alex’s body. The thought alone made me hard and that’s how Alex found me when he entered my office … legs spread in my nicest suit, my dick hard as a rock. Yeah, Rick would be fucking Alex for sure. 

I looked up at Alex and, at first, he was taken aback as I slowly stroked my cock. I wasn’t sure if Alex was gay or even into Rick, but it didn’t matter. Before he could respond, I shifted and was almost inside him instantly. I was now in Alex’s body, his suit clinging to his slightly taller frame, looking down at Rick. 

Rick was even hotter from this perspective.

“What happened, where…” He began, looking down at his hard cock as he realized he was half-naked. He glanced up at me, unsure. 
“We were just about to have a weekend meeting,” I said, stepping closer, releasing that flawless smile I’d stolen from Alex. 

Rick licked his lips, grinned up at me. Yeah, he was totally going to fuck me. He stood, about an inch shorter than Alex, and stepped up to me. Without a word, he moved his hands inside my suit coat and slid it off my new swimmer’s body. My coat fell to the floor asRick began to massage my nipples before he leaned in and kissed me, soft at first. On the lips. Across my neck. 

“I’ve wanted this for so long,”he whispered, grabbing my hand and moving it to his cock. I remembered jerking that cock off the night before and the night before that, but this was different. I was Alex now.

He kissed me once again, but harder this time, more aggressive. He continued to remove my clothes, moving his strong hands over my body as I got a glimpse of my new dick for the first time. It wasn’t cut, which was interesting, Rick lowering himself to it as he started to suck me off. It was more sensitive than I expected, my entire body igniting. I placed my hands on the back of his head and pushed him closer, harder as he took me in completely, his tongue sliding over my cock as I trembled.

Rick looked up at me, pulling back with a smile. 

“This is going to sound strange, but … this feels familiar somehow.”

I wondered if he had any memory of when I was in his body, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that I was Alex and Rick was about to fuck me solid. He pushed me down on his desk, pushed my legs up. I peered up into those gorgeous blue eyes as he slid that beautiful cock inside me. Damn, he looked good in that suit. I’m glad I picked it out when I got dressed this morning. 
Yeah, I could get used to this body swapping thing. It’s so much easier than you could ever imagine.  

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