“Ohhh my God” Kevin moaned as he watched the reflection of his best friend plowing his ass.  He couldn’t help but groan and whimper in satisfaction as he stroked his hard cock, feeling electrified with satisfaction as Martin’s cock slid in and out of him, filling him up and stretching him to his limits.

“Yeah that’s right!  Moan for this cock you queer! unnnnggggggggg fucking TAKE IT!” Martin’s body growled as he gripped the table for leverage and began pistoning into Kevin like a power tool.

Kevin stared into the reflection with hot intensity as he whimpered in gratitude.

“Mmmmmmm Fuck yeah!  I wasn’t too sure this would work out, but holy crap how could I pass up having a body like this?  I mean shit, all I gotta do is pound your boy pussy a couple times a week and you’ll let me stay inside Martin?  Your hole is so fucking tight man, I think it’s a fair deal!  Godddddd you feel good!”

Kevin squeezed his hole in appreciation, making the man inside Martin quiver and smile with pleasure.

“Damn, dude!!! You are one freaky fucker, but I’ll be damned if I’ve ever felt better.  Martin’s cock feels so fucking good man.  Yeah, you liked watching me sink inside Martin didn’t you?  I can’t believe you knocked him out and just gave him to me. Fuck man, you’re just handing over your friend on a silver platter. You kinky fucker!!!” He growled as he began pounding faster and harder, aggressively getting ready to blow his first Martin load deep inside his new best friend.

(This is originally from Male Body Possessions, a classic Blog I loved that no longer exists sadly)

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