The changes weren’t always painful, but when they were so severe and the body shifted so drastically, the pain had to be expected.

John convulsed on the floor, in the middle of his transformation. He heard his bones cracking, his skin pulling tight as he grew to a tall 6 ft 6. His feet expanded, stretching to a large 14.5 and he screamed, muscles twisting and swelling. His voice grew deeper as a thick, well-trimmed beard filled in on his square jaw. Looking down at his hands, he saw his fingers expanding, thickening like every part of him … EVERY part of him, his now massive cock throbbing against his leg as his body convulsed one last time. It was finally over. The NEW John sat up, looking down at his hulking body. He was built like a lumberjack. Solid muscle under a layer of fat and strong, meaty arms that had seen more labor in a year than most do in a lifetime.  

He cleared his throat, his voice now MUCH deeper and raspy as he reached up and stroked his thick beard. He stood, everything around him feeling strange yet familiar. He found one of his jockstraps lying on the floor nearby. He slid it on, remembering it was the only thing that kept his large cock in place. Pulling on a tight white tee, he got a whiff of his masculine scent, remembering how much women loved the way he smelled and how it drove men crazy. The thought of both made him hard and he started to formulate a plan on getting a threeway together as soon as possible. Nothing like pounding a hot chick while getting rimmed by a pup. He couldn’t help but smile as he pulled on a pair of well worn jeans, thick socks and a pair of old work boots. 

Adjusting himself one more time, he glanced in the mirror as he popped a cigar in his mouth. He was a huge, gorgeous man. Every woman’s fantasy and every twink’s wet dream. Yeah, this would work, he thought. Now to hit the town to find the perfect duo to start this new life out right.

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