Just one year. That’s all he wanted. A complete change of life and scenery. Somebody entirely different … for one year.

That’s what he’d asked for and that’s exactly what he got. Jo or JOEY, was now a complete joke, a small town high school dropout who weighed a good 350 lbs. He was only twenty-one, delivered pizzas at night, ate pizzas for dinner and enjoyed cock for dessert. He loved it and found out that he was not only a fat loser, but also an incredibly horny bottom slut. Joey couldn’t get enough and was on his knees for pretty much anybody who asked. He was as pathetic as he was short and wide, but his large belly and small dick turned him on. He loved it when the older men teased his soft pink nipples and made him obey.

Joey wanted a completely different life for inspiration, but all he could think about was food and cock. God he loved being this pathetic and was somehow disappointed that it would only be for a year. 

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