When I told my best friend Ryan that I could merge myself with anybody I wanted, he didn’t believe me. What I didn’t tell him is that I could merge myself and anybody else touching me at the same time as well. So, I decided to give it a try. I mean it WAS Ryan’s birthday and all and he was just as into the idea of merging with a stranger as I was. Soooo, why not?

We found these two officers patrolling the mall and followed them around for what seemed like forever. I told Ryan that I’d merge with one of them while he distracted the other one, but I couldn’t do it in an open space. So, we waited for the right moment. Fortunately, everybody has to take a piss and finally, the two officers headed for the mall bathrooms. 

We followed them in, both of them taking a place at the urinals. The butcher one finished first and headed to the sink to wash his hands and I gave Ryan a nod to distract him. I heard the faucet turn on and Ryan started to chat it up with the officer as I stepped up behind the other one still standing at the urinal. I placed my hand on his back and his entire body froze just before it pulled me in, enveloping me completely until I opened my eyes, glancing down at my new hand wrapped around my new cock. 

“Nice,” I said, my voice deeper than I was used to. 

“What was that?” The other officer asked. This body’s memories slowly hit me. My partner’s name was Trey and we’d been on patrol with each other for five years now. 

“Nothing. Just talking to myself.” I said, pushing my cock back into my pants and zipping before I flushed and stepped toward the sink. Ryan stood there, a questioning look on his face as I gave him a quick wink to let him know it was me. 

“Everything okay here, son?” I asked, placing my hand on his shoulder. I turned, catching my reflection in the mirror and couldn’t help but smile. I was huge and suddenly felt my new cock getting stiff. It was always a turn on seeing yourself for the first time.

“Yes, sir. Just washing my hands.” Ryan nodded up at me as Trey glanced around the corner. 

“We’re that other kids go?” He asked, but before I could answer, I touched his shoulder and pushed Ryan into his body. 

The transfer happened almost instantly as Trey’s eyes flicked open and he stumbled back. “WHOA! What the hell was that?” He looked down at his body, ran his hands over his uniform and then looked up at me in shock. “What the hell? Am I?”

He spun to the mirror and looked at his reflection. Trey’s face lit up and I could tell Ryan was enjoying what he saw. I remembered my first time, the way it felt to feel bigger, to feel the weight of muscles and a frame you’d never felt before. It was unlike anything else.

“Pretty cool, right?” I asked, noticing his new dick getting harder. He reached up with new, stronger hands and touched his square jaw and older features. 

“So this is me now?” 

“For as long as you want,” I said. “I mean, you should be getting his memories and from what I can tell these guys are more than partners on the force. I’ve never been gay before but … I don’t know …”

I could tell by the way Trey was looking at me that he suddenly felt the same. It was strange, taking over a body and suddenly having the same desires they had. I felt my new bodies pull toward Trey and the way he was looking at me knew that he wanted my cock as much as I wanted his. 

“I guess,” he said, “it is almost time for lunch.” He stepped closer, moved his hand over my ass and pulled me closer. It was rough … just the way I liked it. He was the dom after all. 

He pushed in and kissed me, his tongue teasing mine as I felt his hard cock against me. Trey then pulled away with a slight giggle. 

“What?” I asked. 

“Nothing. Your curly stache just tickles, but I like it.” His smile and laugh made me even harder as I leaned over and locked the bathroom door. 

“I think I’m going to like being a cop,” I whispered. Trey spun me around, pulled my hands behind my back and cuffed them before he pushed me agains the wall. I felt his muscled pressed against me as leaned in, kissing my neck. 

“I think we both will.” 

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